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About Camilla Grell

Camilla Grell’s work is characterised by fantastical tales. Her art makes use of both the negative and positive forms that birth new works during the creative process. Shapes/figures take on a new form either as prints or with new backgrounds or colour schemes. In paper, three-dimensionality is used as both method and form of expression, while Grell plays with the background, shadowing and the space between the figures. 

A truth for Grell is that there is more to the world than meets the naked eye. As such, her work often contains a hint of the spiritual. She engages with a motif world, a distinct space between dream and reality, which appears as mysterious female figures, Mexican skeletal women, fantastical animals and resting forms.

Camilla Grell lives and works with her art in Halsnæs. 


Camilla Grell (1971, Kolding).

The Academy of Fine Arts, Poznan, Poland, 1995-1997

Costume designer, Hellerup Tekstilseminarium, 1997-2000

The Royal Danish Theatre, Textile Department, on-call staff, 1999-2006

Camilla has years of extensive artistic experience; group exhibitions and craft and design markets in Denmark and abroad.   ​

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